Our Story

Rooted in History

The story of Pisgah Coffee Roasters began over a century ago and almost 4,000 miles away. In the late 1800s Jotham Lipsi's ancestors made their way from Italy to Brazil and found work on a coffee farm.

A generation later, Jotham's father Jonathan, an agronomist, bought a coffee farm in Minas Gerais, a southern state of Brazil renowned for its coffee production. The farm consisted of 500 acres and over 300,000 coffee trees. Jotham spent his childhood soaking up the lessons of coffee growing!

Brevard College brought Jotham to western North Carolina in 2004. Like most visitors, he fell in love with the area. He and his father established a coffee business supplying single-origin coffee from the Cerrado region of Brazil to commercial clients.

Brewing Something New

Using the experience gained from the commercial coffee business, Jotham created Pisgah Coffee Roasters in 2010 as a way to combine his passion for coffee with his love for the mountains of western North Carolina. 

Pisgah Coffee Roasters primarily sources beans from the Cerrado region of Brazil where the family still maintains close ties to the farms and farmers there.