Family Owned & Operated Brazilian Coffee Roaster

Jonathan and Leila Lipsi

Our Roots

From Generations Past...

The journey of Pisgah Coffee Roasters began more than a century ago, spanning nearly 4,000 miles. In the late 1800s, Jotham Lipsi's ancestors embarked from Italy to Brazil, where they found their calling on a coffee farm.

Fast forward to a new era, Jotham's father and co-owner, Jonathan, an agronomist, acquired a coffee estate in Minas Gerais, a southern state celebrated for its coffee production. Spanning 500 acres and adorned with over 300,000 coffee trees, the farm became a childhood haven for Jotham and his siblings, steeping him in the essence of coffee cultivation.

Devil's Courthouse

A New Horizon

In 2004, Brevard College beckoned Jotham to the verdant landscapes of western North Carolina. Enthralled like many by the region's allure, he forged deep roots.

With his father, he ventured into the coffee business, supplying single-origin treasures from Brazil's Cerrado region to commercial partners.

Jotham and Leigh Lipsi

Brewing A New Legacy

Building upon the knowledge garnered from the commercial trade, Jotham and Jonathan birthed Pisgah Coffee Roasters in 2010. Here, amidst the majestic mountains of western North Carolina, their passion for coffee and reverence for the land converged.

Today, Pisgah Coffee Roasters remains committed to sourcing beans from the Cerrado region of Brazil, where familial bonds endure with the land and its stewards.

We are family-owned and operated and give thanks for the opportunity to live and play in these beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains with our family.